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Although, as many of you know, I donít hear very well, but I was on a road trip and while driving along the long and lonesome highway (east of Omaha) the radio was turned on. It was early morning and the music had been replaced with morning talk, the purpose I believe is to enlighten morning commuters as they attempt to fully awaken before entering the work place.
      As is the case with many of these talk shows there is a male lead, with a female sidekick playing along. The discussion was on a dining/nightclub establishment that had closed after only a very short period of time of being in business. The name of the business was Loganís, and for whatever reason, it was assumed the business was owned by a famous Hollywood actress with a notorious reputation for substance abuse. The purveyor of the establishment must have thought this would be good for business, as he did nothing to dispel the rumors, but as mentioned, the business closed after only a brief operating period.
      While bantering back and forth, the female host mentioned she had visited the nightclub to ďcheck it outĒ and while there she was approached by a rather sleazy looking gentleman wearing an incredibly suggestive T-shirt. Mentioning it was no wonder the place closed so quickly, as this sort of dress was not the way to appear in public, or to strike up a conversation with a female. As you can imagine it didnít take long before the--how do I dress to get a dateóbantering began.
      After several minutes of this gab the radio got quiet and the question was posed, ďWhen did we turn the corner? When did America lose sight of its vision?Ē Topics such as the vision of a higher education leading to a successful life and the vision of getting ahead through a strong work ethic were brought up. The behavior of the ďentitledĒ generation was discussed. It was only a matter of minutes before the vision of dressing and acting with discretion in public was talked about, which again led to the play that makes these shows so popular with early morning commuters.
      Even though the purpose of morning talk is entertainment, it did get me thinking about our societyís lost sense of a prosperous future and what has caused it. Of course not everyone is affected and it isnít limited to a single generation. Obviously as business owners you have a strong work ethic. Even on those days you donít feel like getting out of bed in the morning you will still slap at the on button to the coffee pot as you struggle to the shower in preparation for the day ahead. And many of you hire college students to work in a part-time capacity.
      Like the hosts of the morning talk show, I donít have the answers, but it is food for thought. It also goes a long way to help define the mental attitude that seems to have developed even amongst our once strong and devoted hobbyists. Perhaps instilling a sense of vision in your customers is a topic for a spring round-table discussion.
      By the time this issue is in dealerís hands your holiday season should have come to an end. That means itís a New Year and time to begin hammering away at all those New Year resolutions. Iím rather certain that all of us at one time or another has resolved to eat a healthier diet and lose weight. As a general rule I do indeed eat healthy, but the problem is healthy diet or not, I like food and eat too much. That said I hereby resolve to once again lose some weight.
      Cheers to a successful 2017 and sticking to all the resolutions that go along. HM

                       Until next month,
                       Dennis McFarlane



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