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Sitting at the gate waiting to board an aircraft for a flight from Chicago with the final destination home I’ve had a chance to reflect on a rather exciting week, an honest vacation with no work involved; without a doubt something, along with many of you, I’ve not had in years. Certainly there have been breaks from the routine, the NRHSA show is a prime example, but not a for real turn my back on the magazine for a few days, vacation.
      The reason I was visiting the heartland was multifold. About a month prior an extremely good friend had come in for a visit, and while at our house suggested he trailer one of my airplanes back with him so I could participate in Windy City Warbirds and Classics.
      I don’t recall any adult beverages being involved in the decision, but for whatever reason it made all the sense in the world. Bob would transport my airplane from our house to his. This way I would only need to book a flight to attend the event. It only cost a mere $700 worth of round trip airfare, which included a rental car, so I would not lose the previously paid $30 registration fee – what was I thinking?
      Taking advantage of the trip, there was a lot of activity planned around the event. To say it was a goodtime would be an understatement. The opportunity of mixing the social atmosphere of model aviation with some necessary family business worked out spectacularly. It was one of the best - worth every penny - trips I have ever made.
      One evening while having dinner with Bob and his lovely wife Dianne, whom when it comes to model aviation, is the only person I know who is (almost) as tolerant as Cindy. While waiting for service we began to have a casual, pass the time, conversation about our chosen hobby. “Dennis, have you thought about how you’re going to get your airplane home?” My reply, “Finances are holding better than expected, so I’m going to purchase a Windy City Warbirds and Classics cap from this year’s event. When Bob comes to Sarasota’s warbird event this fall, we’ll have matching hats.” In an instant the look on Dianne’s face changed, and I mean dramatically. “Dianne, I’m pulling your chain, I was just thinking out loud.” It will be years before the rest of the conversation is a forgotten memory. “Denny, my chain is pretty darn (the clean version) short right now, so you don’t have far to pull.”
      From here it got much better. I certain some of you have been in this same position, but due to fatigue and a long day in the sun I began to laugh. The problem is the madder Dianne got, the harder I laughed. I couldn’t stop I tried, I really did, but my laughter was gasoline on Dianne’s fire. Bob knew his position, and although smiling from ear to ear as he sat there he was silent except for when Dianne would glare in his direction then his expression was serious until she again looked away. Thank goodness our food finally came.
      Did I mention putting work to the side? I don’t believe anyone in this industry ever puts work to the side in its entirety. While waiting out a four plus hour delay in Detroit due to violent Chicago storms there was a start on this month’s Industry News, and while waiting out a delay on the return flight home I’ve had the chance to reflect on the prior week’s activities, and I can’t help it, I’ve started to chuckle again.
      Nope, we never have an opportunity to completely push our livelihoods to the back burner, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.HM

                       Until next month,
                       Dennis McFarlane



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